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2011-02-04 13:05:24 by wcrolas991

Ok i will make this after neo madness 2 this guy is Zinc i will create zinc madness but this is just a parody

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Need help

2011-02-04 03:29:54 by wcrolas991

Ok i need someone to edit my homepage sspedia_Wiki i will be greatful.

1940 frames

2011-02-03 13:43:43 by wcrolas991

ok i did 1940 frames using 20 fps 3 frames per second don't worry you will see plus i will post only one picture, that with hat is Alex the proantagoist

1940 frames


2010-12-29 12:53:17 by wcrolas991

There is the site of mine there will be added everything

Neo madness

2010-12-29 07:49:40 by wcrolas991

Well i am making Neo madness currently there is 1 i'll send some pictures later or now